When I feel strongly about the services I receive, either positive or negative, I believe that it is important to let my service provider know. So, I want you to know how much I value your personal involvement, your obviously high performance standards for your crew, and your desire to accommodate my requests. It gives me such a sense of freedom to know that my lawn, garden care and snow plowing/shoveling is taken care of by you and your crew. With the hours that I work you are an essential part of my piece of mind as a property owner, and I truly thank you for your excellent care, year round.

Kim G.
Bloomfield, CT

Dear Lee,
I wanted to put my praise in writing instead of just saying thank you again for your service while living both at my condominium in Simsbury and now at my new home in Granby. It is service I can always count on, year round, and it has been so for almost a decade.

I sleep better than many of my friends when there is a snow storm, or worse, ice, predicted. I know that there will be a Lee's Landscaping truck in my driveway sometime as early as 2 a.m. plowing snow, sanding ice, salting and cleaning, making sure that I can get out, get to work, get to an appointment, or respond to an emergency. And I know that come spring, I won't have to repair destruction by some thoughtless plow truck, because I know you and your men truly care about the looks of my property and its landscaping. In fact, I have appreciated your help with planting and pruning some springs, and every fall, I have enjoyed a fall clean-up, that was exactly that – a clean-up that removed leaves from the grass and even, (very carefully) from my perennial gardens.

Thank you, too, for the cheerful willingness to be available when some unusual circumstance arrived. I am a fan of yours, and I wish you success –

Karen W.
Bloomfield, CT

Hard working, conciensious and reliable.

Mr. and Mrs. M
West Hartford, CT

Being elder I need help above and beyond property maintenance. Once a week they take my trash out for me becuase I cannot get it to the curb.
Honest and very professional.

Mr. Jacobs
West Hartford, CT

Small and owner operated is the best. You are not a number you are a name.

Mrs. J
Avon, CT

After 5 different services I finally "hit a homerun". You call and they are there.
Working with a type "A" owner and a company that does it all is the best.

Mr. Berg
Avon, CT

Prompt, professional and very courtious.

Susan G.
West Hartford, CT